Lancashire temperatures, visualised

Temperatures for Lancashire from 1754-2015
Temperatures in Lancashire from 1754-2015. Click the image for a larger version.

This visualisation of temperatures in Lancashire (UK) shows annual mean data from 1754-2015. The long-term warming trend is clear, with variability from year to year, and some temporary cooler periods due to large volcanic eruptions. The average of the 19th century (black line) separates the warm and cold colours.

This image will be displayed as part of the Into The Blue science festival in Manchester in October.

Small technical detail: The Lancashire timeseries in Gormally et al. ends in 2007. The 2008-2015 data is from Central England, shifted to account for the small mean differences between Lancashire and Central England. The correlation between the two datasets is very high.

6 thoughts on “Lancashire temperatures, visualised

      1. Hello Mr. Hawkins
        Do you have anything about warming over the northern hemisphere continents? That’s where most of the people live.
        Maybe I’m doing my searches wrong, but I can’t find anything of value or recent enough.
        A spiral would be nice 🙂

        Thank you and please have a nice day

  1. Without doing the maths, there is an impression of a steady upward drift from the beginning of the record to present. I am surprised that there is no difference between central England and Lancashire. One has a much more pronounced oceanic climate than the other. A few miles can make a huge difference, think on foggy San Francisco and the heat of the land just a few miles inland.

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