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This is a collection of visualisation resources that I have found useful to communicate different aspects of weather and climate science. Please suggest additions!

Climate stripes for every country (Ed Hawkins)
Climate spirals (Ed Hawkins) (& translated into several languages or alternative versions)
Global temperatures with seasonal cycle (NASA)
Sea level rise (Emma Reed)
160 years of sea level pressure observations (Philip Brohan)
Weather of 2015 (EUMETSAT)
Global temperature small multiple maps (Ed Hawkins)
Keeling curve of carbon dioxide (Scripps) (& longer context from NOAA)
Interactive weather in real time (Earth NullSchool)
– Arctic: ice age animation (NASA), sea ice animations (Zack Labe)
Global sea level (Emma Reed)

Hurricanes in the Caribbean (Washington Post)
Paleo-temperature reconstruction (xkcd)
– Weather in a reanalysis: 2013, 1936 (Philip Brohan)
Aerosols in a reanalysis (NASA)

What is a climate model (IPSL)
Animation of sea surface temperature (GFDL)
Weather in a GCM (CCSM)

What’s warming the world? (Bloomberg & NASA)

ClimateAdam on YouTube (Adam Levy)
Cold weather (xkcd)

Climate change data as art (Jill Pelto)
Global temperature change as music (Daniel Crawford)
– Haiku: IPCC AR5 (Greg Johnson), paleoclimate (Jeremy Hoffman)

Slightly more technical resources
Southern Ocean processes (ARCCSS)

10 thoughts on “Visualisation resources

  1. I have been working with and researching the Ecological Footprint (60% carbon footprint globally) for a decade. Base on this tool, a visual message can be portrayed in planet earths, or on a map in global hectares. Excellent communication tool when referring to carbon emissions, as, how does one visualize a ton of carbon (I have seen balloons and house size attempts) Check out a sample display in “How Many Planets?”

  2. I created the website – it’s about the visualization of long term data series of swiss weather stations (since 1864). It combines serveral diagram types (monthly grid, annual course chart, data series chart) in one interactive application.

  3. I have a question about technology.
    I have a weather station with monthly values.
    How to scale and how to display the values
    as a graphic. I am an amateur scientist.

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