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Central England Temperature in 2014

2014 has been a warm year so far for much of Europe and the globe, and may end up being the warmest year on record globally. But, no-one experiences a global mean temperature directly, so how about more locally? Can … Continue reading

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Improving the weather from 96 years ago

Ideally, we would have observations of past weather everywhere for several centuries to reconstruct the state of the atmosphere and learn about its variability. But, we don’t. Instead, all the observations ever taken would, ideally, be available digitally for everyone … Continue reading

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The future of white Christmases

It’s December, which means the usual discussion as to whether or not it will be a white Christmas. You can even bet on it. But, how might these odds change in future? Are children going to know what snow is?

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How “weird” has UK weather been in 2012?

A recent article on the BBC website said: The UK has experienced its “weirdest” weather on record in the past few months, scientists say. The question today is then, is this true?

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The value of old weather observations

Previous posts have described some initial analysis of the data from the Old Weather project, which is using public volunteers to digitise new historical weather observations from Royal Navy ships during World War 1. The good news is that these … Continue reading

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Reconstructing Atlantic atmospheric variability

In a previous post I discussed the Old Weather project which is using volunteers to transcribe the hand-written weather data from Royal Navy ships logs in the World War 1 period. The good news is the first 243 ships have … Continue reading

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Learning about past climate from ships logs

Understanding the climate of the past is extremely valuable to help put modern weather observations into a long-term context. Although we have considerable records of past weather, especially over land, more data is always welcome. Given the British obsession with … Continue reading

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