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Predictable September Arctic sea-ice minimum?

Arctic sea-ice extent varies considerably from year-to-year, especially in the summer. Skillful forecasts of the expected extent could be valuable to a wide range of Arctic stakeholders. But, how predictable is the Arctic sea-ice extent in summer? And, can more … Continue reading

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Arctic sea ice extent in 2014

Following last year’s simple straw poll, a similar question for this year: Will the Arctic sea ice extent for September 2014 be more or less than September 2013? Hoping for views and expectations from public and scientists alike.

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Learning about past climate from ships logs

Understanding the climate of the past is extremely valuable to help put modern weather observations into a long-term context. Although we have considerable records of past weather, especially over land, more data is always welcome. Given the British obsession with … Continue reading

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Arctic predictability

After attending a recent workshop on Arctic predictability, I thought a brief discussion on sea-ice variability and potential predictability might be of interest.

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