What: This blog is an experiment in ‘open source’ climate science. It is written by climate scientists, but open to anyone to see and comment. Guest posts are encouraged! If you want to contribute a post, please contact the editor.

Aim: To promote collaboration through open scientific discussion, and to improve our understanding of our evolving climate. Success would be a single, collaborative paper as a result of discussions on this blog.

How: If the posts are interesting to you, please comment. Or contribute a post of your own. Views from climate scientists (and beyond) are welcome and encouraged

It is not: Please keep the discussion scientific and on topic – this is not meant to be a typical blog discussion of the consensus view on climate science.

Ed Hawkins (editor) – 24th January 2012 – contact

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Great site Ed & company! I have plugged you in a South African environmental feature on a premier fine music station, Fine Music Radio. Regards from Cape Town.

  2. The spirals are a brilliant way of bringing information to life. They should be useful in education, and for making strong points to politicians (and deniers!). Thanks.

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