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Jon is a climate scientist in NCAS-Climate at the Department of Meteorology. His main research interests involve understanding the origin of multi-decadal variability in climate, particularly in the Atlantic region, and on understanding whether we could predict such variability to improve near-term climate predictions. He is also on twitter as @JonIRobson.

Atlantic overturning in decline?

Recent direct observations of the strength of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) show a decline of 10-15% since 2004. Is this a temporary fluctuation or part of a longer-term decline? A new analysis suggests that we might expect a further decline in the AMOC over the coming decade, which could impact on the climate of Europe and beyond. Continue reading Atlantic overturning in decline?

Predicting changes in North Atlantic temperatures

The Earth is a complex system of interacting components, such as the atmosphere and ocean, which produce a wide variety of natural variability. This natural variability ensures that the evolution of a particular region’s climate, e.g. that of Western Europe, could be completely different to another region, or indeed the global mean climate. Such variability can impact on many areas of society; for example winter energy usage, or agriculture in sensitive regions. Continue reading Predicting changes in North Atlantic temperatures