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About Jon Robson

Jon is a climate scientist in NCAS-Climate at the Department of Meteorology. His main research interests involve understanding the origin of multi-decadal variability in climate, particularly in the Atlantic region, and on understanding whether we could predict such variability to improve near-term climate predictions. He is also on twitter as @JonIRobson.

Atlantic overturning in decline?

Recent direct observations of the strength of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) show a decline of 10-15% since 2004. Is this a temporary fluctuation or part of a longer-term decline? A new analysis suggests that we might expect a … Continue reading

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Predicting changes in North Atlantic temperatures

The Earth is a complex system of interacting components, such as the atmosphere and ocean, which produce a wide variety of natural variability. This natural variability ensures that the evolution of a particular region’s climate, e.g. that of Western Europe, … Continue reading

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