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Website gremlins

As you may have noticed, there have been some recent problems with the Climate Lab Book blog. These have now largely been resolved. The site is hosted on one of our University servers which suffered a disk failure. Also, some of the backup systems had not been working properly. The site has now been restored to a backup from 11th November. Comments since that time have been lost – many apologies. I will happily reinstate any that are reposted.

Climate Communiqué

Today, twenty-four UK learned and professional societies express their joint views on the risks of climate change and the opportunities for innovation to address those risks.

The signatories include societies of physical scientists, engineers, medical scientists, social scientists & artists, amongst others. This is the first time such a broad range of professional bodies have issued such a unanimous text.

Climate communiqué
The scientific evidence is now overwhelming that the climate is warming and that human activity is largely responsible for this change through emissions of greenhouse gases. Continue reading Climate Communiqué

Reinventing the colour wheel

Between 5-10% of men and around 0.5% of women are affected by various forms of colour blindness. The most common form is deuteranopia, for which distinguishing between red and green is particularly challenging. This has been pointed out many times before, but it may be worth remembering next time you make a figure or visualisation: ‘red and green should never be seen’.

[Part of the #endrainbow campaign.]

Colour wheel for normal and simulated deuteranopic vision. Click for larger version.
Colour wheel for normal and simulated deuteranopic vision. Click for larger version.

Earth's energy imbalance

Global surface air temperatures have risen less rapidly over the past 15 years than the previous few decades. The causes of this ‘hiatus’ have been much debated. However, just considering surface temperatures does not tell the whole story – a new analysis using satellite & ocean observations confirms that the Earth is still gaining energy overall. Continue reading Earth's energy imbalance